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Dare I say, My Expertise:

I am an accomplished Technical Project and Business Development Manager with over 20 years (yikes) of experience across multiple industries. Primarily including work with start-ups, venture fundraising, product design, and business operations. Oh, and having fun while we work.I lead multiple technical projects at once and drive engagement across the product and into business development. In a nutshell, managing technical and engineering teams to develop products and solutions that exceed user expectations by showing them things they didn't realize they needed, but actually do. I take pride in being a collaborative team member and an effective communicator.I am a columnist for HuffPost, and OZY, and post all my work at 2017 I have been the head of product and co-founder of a team and blockchain company I love very much, called IVY. We are bringing crypto to the masses.Prior to that, in the time in the timer above, I did a bunch of other stuff related to what I do now. If you wish you can check that out here.But most importantly, if you want to continue the conversation, don't delay, email away! Cheers!

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